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Basic Wills and Living Trust Planning

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Ensure Your Wishes Are Granted With Planning Documents

Everyone, regardless of financial worth, needs basic planning documents to answer these basic questions:

  • Who makes health care decisions if you can’t?
  • Who manages your property and financial affairs if you can’t?
  • Who will serve as guardian of your minor or disabled children if you can’t?
  • Who will receive your property upon your death?

At Pinnacle Legacy Law, we help clients protect and plan. For themselves. Their families. Their values. We are passionate about our mission and the work we do. We approach each client with respect and compassion, knowing that each person, family and business is unique and requires unique solutions.

Many clients include provisions in their estate plan to:


  • Protect property in the event your spouse remarries
  • Provide divorce, lawsuit, and immaturity protection for your heirs
  • Make special provisions for heirloom property to pass on family traditions, faith, and values

We will always listen first and make recommendations only after we clearly understand the client’s unique needs. We are known for our ability to communicate ideas and strategies using straightforward language and graphical tools that allow clients to develop a real understanding of their planning choices.


We strive to be your lawyer for life. We will be here to maintain our clients’ planning, and we work overtime so it works at that time in the future when our clients’ families expect it to work.


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