The Pinnacle Promise

Your plan will work the way it is supposed to work when it is needed the most.

PLL Mission: Protecting families, preserving wealth, and building legacies that last generations.

PLL Vision: That the families of Arkansas have the right plan that gives them peace of mind knowing their families and legacies are protected and preserved; that their unique values and traditions will be safeguarded for future generations.

PLL Philosopy

At Pinnacle, we believe that every person dreams of discovering a way to build a legacy that will reverberate over time and influence the lives of their family members for generations. Our team of Legacy Builders employs guiding principles that come alive each time a client trusts and partners with us to create their plan.

Protect & Preserve

  • We protect our clients’ legacies by providing a truthful solution that addresses our clients’ current fears and hopes for a better and brighter future.
  • We preserve our clients’ financial and non-financial wealth by ensuring their guiding values and traditions are encapsulated and passed to the next generation.

Integrity & Commitment

  • Our clients know the financial investment before our team begins any legal work on their behalf.
  • We will always do what we say we will do when we say we will do it.
  • We are committed to actively reviewing and maintaining our clients’ plan, just like the periodic maintenance done on cars.

Empathy & Collaboration

  • This is not our plan; it’s YOURS. Our approach to planning is being our clients’ partner in discovering the value of planning strategies and implementing a plan that precisely fits their dreams.
  • Our team prioritizes truthful intention, attentive listening, and thoughtful questioning to advocate for our clients’ future.

Skillful Innovation

  • Our team of Legacy Builders uses the industry’s newest methods, ideas, and products to make the right impact on our clients’ future.
  • When necessary, we partner with our clients’ CPA, financial advisor, and insurance agents to be sure their plan is an integrated set of solutions.

The RIGHT Clients at the RIGHT Time

Our clients come in all shapes, sizes, family types, net worth’s, occupations, etc. So what determines the RIGHT client? The RIGHT client is the person who has a vision for their future, their children (and grandchildren) and are willing to start their legacy journey.


The Pinnacle Keepsake

For every plan our clients’ entrust us to build and deliver, our team of Legacy Builders hand-picks a gift of thanks lovingly known as our Pinnacle Keepsake. Our hope is that each time our clients see their Pinnacle Keepsake, they will be reminded that not only is their legacy protected and preserved, but that they have a Lawyer-for-Life at Pinnacle Legacy Law.