“How will YOU protect your family, preserve your wealth, and build your legacy?”

Veterans Planning

Learn more about our team’s commitment to serve Veterans through Aid and Attendance Planning.

Probate and Estate Administration

Our team will help elderly or retired loved ones plan for the future and make the planning process as simple as possible.

Farmers and Ranchers

Learn more about our team’s expertise with advanced planning for farmers and ranchers.

Three Reasons Our Work is Exceptional

1. Our process for connecting financial and non-financial wealth is disruptive. We are redefining how planning is done. 

2. We make an outsized effort to make sure you understand your plan. That includes color diagrams, stories, metaphors and sometimes animations.

3. Your plan will work when it’s tested. Most estate plans don’t, but yours will. Plans don’t work because they’re not reviewed and updated regularly because laws change, your family changes and your assets change. We have a disciplined process that makes certain your plan is regularly reviewed and updated. 

A Relationship, not a Transaction

We are old-fashioned about what we do. We believe we must have an actual relationship with our clients. The tools and strategies that are available are far more extensive and more powerful than most clients realize. We want to create a plan for you that incorporates exactly the right combination of those tools and strategies. We can’t do that if we don’t know you. 


Here’s what our satisfied clients are saying…

Pinnacle Legacy Law
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Ted Price
Ted Price
15:13 06 Aug 22
Sarah's ability to suggest our options. She listens to what's going on in our life.
Brittany Blankenship
Brittany Blankenship
20:16 22 Jun 22
Sarah and her team are AMAZING and so awesome to work with. They made setting up our trust so easy.
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Do You Have Planning Phobia?

Do You Have Planning Phobia?

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what you lose by not planning?

what you lose by not planning?

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